14-16 June 2023 Church House, Westminster, London

“It was a MAGNIFICENT event. From start to finish. You must
be delighted with how it went. What an unbelievable forum
you have created. Excited to see what happens next.”
CIO, SFO who attended SFO Week 2022


SFO Week, our flagship members meeting, will be held on 14-16 June 2023 in London. 14-15 June are the investment days and 16 June is an optional social day.

SFO Week brings together a carefully pre-qualified group of single family offices for closed-door peer-to peer salon discussions focused on investing.

Our investment content accommodates those who invest both via funds and direct, and includes streams covering venture capital, private equity, real estate, fixed income, commodities and hedge funds. On popular request we have also added optional speed dating where members can meet their peers one on-one.

The venue is Church House Conference Centre, Dean’s Yard, Westminster, London, SW1P 3NZ. During registration you will select your specific dialogue preferences.

Numbers are limited for the garden party and dinner, so I would encourage you to register as soon as you can.

Please reach out with any questions, and we look forward to seeing you at the event.

Best Regards,
Keith Johnston
CEO, SFO Alliance


Attendees from bona fide single family offices include:

  • CEOs
  • CIOS
  • Investment Professionals
  • Principals

SFO Week 2023 will attract over 250 single family offices, with all sessions moderated by SFO executives. The vast majority of speakers and attendees are SFO professionals. They invest via funds and/or direct and their asset-class focus ranges across venture capital, private equity, real estate, fixed income, commodities, and hedge funds.

Efficient Networking

Part of the SFO Alliance mission is to help people find matching peers, no matter where they may be located. Therefore, a new feature of this year’s event will be speed dating between members, which is only possible because of the large number of genuine families that attend.

Testimonials from last year’s attendees

“I thought the conference was very good and the interactive nature of it was excellent, much better than just being talked at.” CIO, SFO

“Wanted to thank you for the introduction to the conference – I found it incredibly insightful and good to connect with like minded groups.” CIO, SFO

“It was a MAGNIFICENT event. From start to finish. You must be delighted with how it went. What an unbelievable forum you have created. Excited to see what happens next. Very happy to have played a small part.” CIO, SFO

“I would like to thank you once again for allowing me to be present at your event. It was an honour to meet you and the other guests. Also, congratulations to the whole team for the great organisation! As I said, it was anextremely educational and energising event for me. I am sure that many beautiful things will come out of it.”

“Well done on the event guys – it was really awesome. Probably the best event I have been to.” SFO, CIO

“Was Phenomenal. Best FO seminar I have been to. Well done.” CEO, SFO

“I look forward to continuing to participate in this alliance. Congratulations on the smooth running of this event.” CIO, SFO

“Great to see such a strong turn out!” CIO, SFO

“Full credit to the team for putting it together, our panel was genuinely enjoyable fun to moderate and informative too.” CIO, SFO

“Thank you for a great conference. It was all great, the speakers, the participants, the format etc. Thank you for including me.” CIO, SFO

“Simply splendid!” Principal

“I heard extraordinary things about the conference! Will come next year:)” Principal

“Like-minded people came together and being largely amongst themselves, felt free to speak up and have open and transparent discussions.” SFO Executive

“What a wonderful conference you organised. Well done!” CIO, SFO

“Just to say thank you again and congrats for a great event, i much enjoyed it and the people I met. Keen to continue participating.” Principal

“Congratulations on the SFO Alliance event. I had a great time meeting new people and updating my knowledge. I particularly really liked the opening session with great speakers.” Principal

“The two sessions I attended were really good. In the real estate one a lot of people participated and shared views and strategies. Very unique. I have seen the development of SFO since the very beginning. What you have achieved in such a short time period is incredible. Well done!!!” CIO, SFO

“Thank you for inviting me and for planning such an insightful and engaging event. It was great meeting you, Lex, and the rest of the team in person.I really liked the square seating arrangement and the discussion based format of sessions. Also, it felt like we had a good mix of networking vs. sessions.” CIO, SFO

“Thanks again for an excellent SFO event. After attending a few other family office conferences recently and thinking that these were becoming a bit of a circuit/circus…it was refreshing to see so many new and highquality family offices that I had not met before.” CEO, SFO

“Thank you for inviting me to the event. Very interesting.” Principal

“I wanted to say a really heartfelt thank you for the conference you set up. It was a really insightful, well thought through event. With some really interesting people there.” Principal

“I would like to thank you on behalf of our family office for inviting us to the SFO event, which as I have mentioned, was a very refreshing and insightful one.” CIO, SFO

“Thanks again for the invitation for the London event, it was super interesting and we made quite some good new contacts.” CIO, SFO


Welcome Dinners – Tuesday 13 June

1830-2130 Dinners for international arrivals and London members who want to make the most of the networking
at SFO Week

DAY ONE – Wednesday 14 June

0830-0930 Registration and Breakfast

0930-1030 Keynote: Geopolitical Risks and Economic Opportunities

1030-1115 Member Networking

1115-1230 Morning Dialogue Options (you will pick one from the five options below)

  • Portfolio Construction
  • Commercial Real Estate Investing
  • Food Technology for the Future
  • Investing in SaaS
  • Speed Dating with Members

1245-1400 Lunch

1400-1530 Early Afternoon Dialogue Options (you will pick one from the five options below)

  • PE Fund Selection
  • Web 3.0 and Crypto
  • Distressed Debt
  • Residential Real Estate Investing
  • Speed Dating with Members

1530-1600 Networking Break

1600-1730 Late Afternoon Dialogue Options (you will pick one from the five options below)

  • Direct: Successful co-investing with other families
  • Investing in Health & Biotech
  • Hedge Fund Investing
  • Real Estate Fund Investing
  • Speed Dating with Members

1730-2100 Garden Party and Gala Dinner, College Garden

Members raved about our garden party last year, with many friendships being made. This year we have organised
a very special party and a gala dinner in a 900-year-old secret garden, the oldest in England. Our fairy-tale setting,
College Garden, is just a Quidditch field’s length away from the conference venue. Numbers are limited and the
keys to the secret door will be allocated to those who register first.

DAY TWO – Thursday 15 June

0830-0930 Registration and Breakfast

0930-1030 Keynote: Macro-economic Environment: Risks and Opportunities

1030-1115 Networking Break

1115-1230 Morning Dialogue Options (you will pick one from the five options below)

  • Tech Investing Strategies: How to position for 2024
  • Impact Investing
  • Reporting and Accounting Systems for SFOs
  • Dealing with Inflation and Interest Rate Risk
  • Speed Dating with Members

1245-1400 Lunch

1400-1515 Early Afternoon Dialogue Options (you will pick one from the five options below)

  • VC Fund Investing
  • Structuring the Family Office for Success
  • Sport and Media Investing
  • Real Estate Debt
  • Speed Dating with Members

1515-1545 Networking Break

1545-1700 Late Afternoon Dialogue Options (you will pick one from the five options below)

  • Compensation in the Single Family Office
  • Energy Transition
  • Private Credit Opportunities
  • How to invest in Commodities
  • Speed Dating with Members

1700-1830 Tea or Freshen Up Time

1830-2100 Members’ Dinners – We have organised a number of discreet dinners in the highest quality venues where members will be brought together by investment interests.

DAY THREE – Friday 16 June

1000-1600: Optional Social Day for those looking to mix business with pleasure and continue networking and learning as part of a series of cultural trips including:

  • Art – Guided Tour of London’s most prestigious art
  • History – A trip to Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London or the Cabinet War Rooms with an eminent historian
  • Rewilding – an excursion to a rewilding project with a European based SFO
  • Wargaming – the concept of wargaming is a process to aid crisis management, analysis and decision making. This professionally-run wargame will get you thinking outside of the box, test your skills and cement networking connections.


Register now for SFO Week 2023

This includes:

  • Arrival Dinner on Tuesday 13 June
  • Investment Dialogues on Wednesday 14 June
  • Optional Speed Dating with Members on 14 June
  • Garden Party and Gala Dinner on 14 June
  • Investment Dialogues on Thursday 15 June
  • Optional Speed Dating with Members on 15 June
  • Private Dinner organised by investment interests on 15 June
  • Gratis Social Excursions on Friday 16 June

Cost: USD1500 / GBP 1250 / EUR 1400

*SFO Alliance charges for major events to cover costs, reduce event-risk and ensure that the ratio of single family offices to external partners is the highest possible.  VAT is included in the price which we have to charge attendees at UK physical events.


Members’ Meeting

The venue of the Members Meeting is Church House Conference Centre, Dean’s Yard, Westminster, London, SW1P 3NZ. Please note these precise venue details are confidential so please do not share these outside of your organisation.

Church House exterior medium res Kopie
AH theatre

Garden Party and Gala Dinner

The venue for the Garden Party and Gala Dinner is College Garden, Westminster. Just a few minutes walk from the main conference venue.

College Garden


Below is a list of nearby hotels (note these are not recommendations and we cannot book your accommodation).

  • Conrad London St. James

Luxury Hotel Westminster London – St James Park – Conrad (hilton.com)

  • St. Ermin’s Hotel, Autograph Collection


  • Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences


  • The Guardsman


  • London Marriott Hotel County Hall


  • St. James’ Court, London


  • The Hub by Premier Inn (Three Star Hotel)



Any questions contact:

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