SFO Alliance is a membership club of like minded single family offices who actively invest, either directly and/or through funds.

Single family offices are a unique set of long-term, often even multi-generational, investors.  Closely aligned with all stakeholders they regularly support investments that have a positive social impact. They care deeply about their reputation and the SFO Alliance offers them a forum to discuss common problems and find solutions to match their idiosyncrasies. 

Founded by a group of single family offices, SFO Alliance’s ethos is to help active single family offices realise their investment goals through sharing insights, solutions and actual investment opportunities within a private forum of trusted peers. We keep the chancers, sales people and fakers out of the club.

​Because our founding members are single family offices we understand the importance of peer-to-peer discussions, relevant external content, and a solicitation-free environment. We serve the interests of our member family offices only.

The club is not for profit and free to members.


We are successful by adhering to a strict membership policy. Each member is individually vetted by the SFO Alliance board.

The vast majority of our members are personally referred by existing members. 

There is no charge for Membership.

If you wish to be considered for membership please email info@sfo-alliance.com

SFO Alliance Board

SFO Alliance was founded by Lex van Dam of Rinkelberg Capital, a single family office based in London. 

Keith Johnston was appointed CEO with operational responsibility for running the club. 

The board provides strategic direction and ensures members and content are suitable and relevant.

Keith Johnston

Keith Johnston (CEO)

Keith Johnston runs SFO Alliance.  He has spent nearly twenty years in the wealth sector and ten years specialising in the single family office sector.  Keith began his career as a professional lobbyist and studied military history at Glasgow.

Lex van Dam

Lex van Dam (Founding Member)

Lex began his career at Goldman Sachs in NY and London in 1992 where he ran the proprietary trading desk. In 2002 he moved to GLG partners where he ran the European Opportunities Fund. Since 2006 he has been with Rinkelberg Capital, a dutch SFO based in London where his current focus is sourcing investment deals.

Benefits of Membership

SFO Alliance membership helps family offices realise their investment goals. The benefits of membership include:

Meeting Genuine SFOs 
SFO Alliance qualifies all members so that only real and active single family offices gain entry to the club. SFO Alliance members benefit from internal introductions to the Club’s extensive membership.

Peer-to-Peer only events
Building a network of like minded peers allows members to quickly form trusting relationships and share knowledge and opportunities. This allows SFO Alliance members to collaborate and find investment solutions.

Access Investment Opportunities
The club encourages members to share live investment opportunities, and organises specific webinars and events for such purposes.

Qualified External Content
SFO Alliance content is subject to board approval, and can be recommended by members. This guarantees a maximum level of audience participation and the highest standards. 

“I have worked for a family office for over 15 years now. It always strikes me how supportive, ethical and long term most family offices are in their investment approach and not only just focus on the financial bottom line. What I have also found is that most of us come across the same companies and funds and we could save ourselves a lot of time, effort and money if we had our own informal curated network of high quality single family offices where we share our experiences. That is why I decided to set up the SFO Alliance.” Lex van Dam

I am too busy to spend time in any other club.” Anonymous


SFO Alliance organises events and webinars focused on asset allocation as well as investment insights in Private and Listed Equity, Fixed Income, and Real Estate, and other opportunities where appropriate, either directly or through funds.

Peer-to-peer only events
These events are for qualified members only and will often be initiated and lead by one of our members based on a specific investment opportunity.

External events
These events are together with our content partners who are of the highest pedigree only, with topics and speakers approved by the board.

Content Partners

We are very grateful for the support of our content partners. They fully support the SFO Alliance in its mission of creating a network of trusted single family offices. Without them we would not be able to keep the membership free of charge.

SFO Alliance will organise a number of events and webinars with our content partners, where they can showcase their best ideas to interested members.